Joel McBurney

Lead Guide

Joel, our ACMG-certified Lead Guide, brings over a decade of full mountain experience. He lives in Nelson with his wife and sons and enjoys playing music and building bike trails in his free time.

Jeff Pensiero


Right outa college (w/ a degree in ski business!) "JP" launched into the snowboard industry. He has been living and breathing Baldface for 20 years. Passions: family, guitar, fly fishing.


Caillin Brown

Head Chef

Caillin, our passionate Head Chef, has been a professional chef for almost two decades. When he is not cooking or snowboarding, he can be found fishing or camping in the great outdoors.


John Buffery

Lead Guide

Buff is the founding guide at Baldface and continues to make guest appearances while helping advise, consult, and inspire our team when he is not working his day job.

Paula Pensiero


Raised ski racing down the icy hills of Ontario, Paula headed west and discovered the joy of ripping through powder on a snowboard. Loves: family, yoga, food, wine, books, and hiking in the woods with her dog.

Dave Thomas

Operations Manager

Dave, who has been with Baldface ever since Day One, is a mechanical mastermind who thrives on the supreme challenge of keeping the operations at Baldface Lodge running smoothly .

Jeff Spearman

Cat Driver

Homie J started working at Baldface when he was 18 and has never looked back. This guy believes hard work pays off, and we believe he's right -- he is unsinkable.

Simon Hanbury

Chief Operating Officer - Simon has a passion for creating places where business and people thrive. He's kept himself busy managing law, architecture, and design firms over the last 2 decades before landing at Baldface.

Demian Whitley

Lead Guide

Demian grew up here and has been working as a snowboard guide for well over a decade. When selling real estate, he enjoys spending time hunting ever-elusive bull elks and hanging with his family in Nelson.

Shawn Colley

Head Chef

Once a pro and still a sponsored snowboarder, this multi-faceted guy works as head chef at the lodge and also responsible for all the retail at the lodge. Awesome! 

Stella Molnar

Assistant Lodge Manager

Stella loves living in the mountains. When not taking care of Baldface's infinite details, she hits the open road and soaks up as many beach sunsets and yoga classes as she can.

Brad McBeath

Lead Guide

Brad is an uber-certified ski guide who loves the hunting and fishing and raising chickens with his family on his property while running his own lawn service business in the summertime.  Brad, is rad.

Dustin Lalik


Dustin is a self-taught photographer with a focus on action sports, the environment, and travel. Originally from Australia, Dustin is a master with light and content creation.

Dr. Mike Van Vliet

Doctor & Second Guide

Dr. Mike works as an ER doctor while being on-call for Baldface 24/7. Born and raised ski racing in the Kootenays, Mike brings multiple guiding certifications and MD patroller experience.

Andy Affleck

Assistant Guide

Andy has spent the last 10 years guiding, riding, and exploring the BC wilderness with his wife and dog. In the off-season, he works as a recreational trail builder in the Okanagan Valley.

Dini Sigaty


Dini is the welcoming smile and open heart behind our bar where she brews the most delectable potions. Her passions include alpaca farming, instructing yoga, meditating, dancing, gardening, and food!

Terry Maglio

Assistant Guide

Terry has been a friend to Baldface since the first timbers were raised and he has overseen every construction project since. A family man at heart, he spends his time waterskiing and chilling in SD.

Joaquin Klein

Lead Guide

Originally from New Mexico, Joaqin loves to fish, kayak, DJ, and jump off mountains with a parachute. Guests love his calm easy style and his ability to find pow nooks and crannies all over the tenure!

Robin Van Gyn

Second Guide

Robin kicks ass as one of the top women's snowboarders on the planet. She is a passionate and focused trailblazer and she does it all with charisma and style. She lives and plays in Whistler.

Silas Patterson

Assistant Guide

Silas started at Baldface as a high school student chopping wood and the rest is history. A gem of a human, Silas is now a full-certified guide who also leads private excursions all over the world.

Mark Maarhuis

Assistant Guide

Mark "The Walrus" joined the team in 2000 and has been indispensable ever since. His intuitive ability to find the best lines in our tenure is almost as strong as his joke-telling game.

Cordell "Power" Fulton


Raised in nearby Slocan Valley, Cord joined the Baldface Crew in Year 2. He has been a cat driver and a tail guide, but now spends his days building our roads. He enjoys downtime in Ymir with his family.

Brian Aster

Assistant Lodge Manager

Winter powder brought Brian to the Kootenays in 2006 and he has been here ever since. His passions include kayaking, yoga, music festivals, and of course snowboarding powder.

Alison Duff


Alison holds down the Baldface Bar like a seasoned pro. Self-proclaimed aviation enthusiast, snow bunny, and wine lover, Alison is also a big fan of awkward dancing and uncontrollable laughter!

Shea Guth

Cat Driver

Shea grew up in Saskatchewan and continues to farm there with his dad each summer. On his days off, he loves to snowboard and film in the backcountry.  He races Motorcycles and has a badass Harley.  

Andrew Hill

Second Guide

Still affectionately known as "Homie A", Andrew grew up in these mountains and knows them like home. He’d rather it snowed all year, but to get through summer, Andrew hikes and fights forest fires.

Graham Jones

Second Guide

Graham, who has brightened up the Baldface team since the early days, was a bartender and photographer before settling into the guiding department. In the off-season, Graham is an electrician.

Mitch McCambly

Second Guide

Growing up at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, Mitch developed a deep love of the outdoors and can usually be found split-boarding from high peaks, canoeing down mountain rivers, or skateboarding. 

Nick Christian


Nick brings his positive attitude and sommelier-like wine knowledge to the Baldface Team as a bartender. Nick's passions include writing, art, snowboarding, playing music, and traveling.

Matt Scholl

Assistant Guide

Matt was born in Nelson, grew up in CO, then returned for his adult years. A photographer on one of our original scouting missions, Matt has been on the Baldface staff since the very first trip.

Jessica Roy

Second Guide

"Chess" worked as a pastry chef until her adventurous spirit lead her into the guiding department. In the off season Jess loves riding her bike around the world and adventuring like a wild woman!

Layton O'Dwyer

Cat Driver

Layton's multi-faceted skill set keeps him working for Baldface all year long. He enjoys the simple things in life -- especially long cat rides to the North Zone listening to Joaquin's jokes.

Devon "Jibber" Smith

Second Guide

Devon, a self-proclaimed local jibber kid couldn’t be more stoked to be guiding at Baldface. When not at the lodge, Devon fights fires in BC and enjoys the wilderness with his wife and young daughter.

Chiara Durfeld

Second Guide

Chiara has lived in Nelson for almost a decade and her passions include snowboarding, mountain biking, crafts and food.

Kevin Sansalone

Second Guide

Sansalone honed his snowboard skills at Whistler until he won the first ever X-Games Snowboard Big Air in 1999! He is now a guide and heads up the successful Sandbox brand of rider gear.

Merri Schwartz

Pastry Chef

Merri, who left the Koots for a long time, brings to Baldface her impeccable skill set as a pastry chef and master chocolatier. (Soon to own her own chocolate business!) She loves to hike and do yoga.

Josh Bancroft

Cat Driver

Josh's home base is in the Okanagan where he is a heli pilot in the off season. Snow cats are no problem for this cool cucumber! Josh's hobbies include snowboarding, climbing, and living in a van.

Garrett Knochenmus

Second Guide

A Conifer CO native, Garrett came to BC at age 19 to study and stayed for the pow. Garrett is a kickass snowboarder, fly fisher, and guitar player and we are stoked to have him on the team.

Keith French

Outside Homie

Originally from Rochester NY, Keith has found his Kootenay groove no problem. In his spare time, he enjoys tossing pizza and hitting up Bingo nights and spends his summers landscaping Anchorage soil!

Mike Rossiter “Boney M”

Cat Driver

Born and raised in Nelson, Mike has been part of the Baldface Family since he was 17 and has worked his way up into the driver’s seat. When not shredding, Mike enjoys dirt biking and skateboarding.

Rhea Stoochnoff

Garde Manger

Rhea, who has worked and traveled across Canada, always comes back to Nelson where she grew up. When she's not working, Rhea loves being outdoors, cooking, arts and crafts and pugs!  

Dylan Berger

Second Guide

Lucky for this powder-seeking pro, Dylan's a born-and-raised Kootenay Kid -- secret stashes are his speciality. He has been on our guiding roster for years but his wilderness wisdom goes far beyond.

Chuck Arrance

Cat Driver

This awesome dude -- "everybody's favourite redneck" -- keeps Lodge Life fun. From the Land of the Living Sky (Saskatchewan), Chuck loves to snowboard, skate, and ride dirt bikes. 

Ian Butler

Second Guide

It didn't take long for Ian, who grew up in the Prairies, to find his calling in the mountains. In the summers, Ian builds skateparks and enjoys hiking camping, dirt biking, and slaying canoe trips.

Brandon Marshall

Cat Driver

Originally from Vancouver Island, Brandon is stoked to call Nelson home and we are stoked to have him on the team. When Brandon's not at Baldface, snowboarding and treeplanting fill up his days.

Pete Cochrane


Born in New Zealand, Pete has been a Nelson local since 2003. He loves to bike, board, and sled and has a not-so-secret love of moving dirt around with his excavator to build berms, jumps, and kickers.

Joel Comely

Cat Driver

Joel's hardworking lighthearted presence keeps us all smiling. His hobbies include snowboarding, golf, disc golf, hiking, rock climbing, motorbikes and flipping through his dad's Captain Cannuck comics.

Cassandra Jakubiec


Drawn to Nelson by the winter pow, CJ also enjoys fly fishing, mountain biking, riding horses, and anything to do with preparing and enjoying delicious food. She spends summers fighting wildfires.

Olli Budin

Sous Chef

Hailing from the Czech Republic, Olli traveled the world for 15 years then chose Nelson for its excellent snow and wild people. No matter the weather, Olli loves to spend time in the wilderness.

Kirsten Jansen


Born and raised in Nelson, Kirsten enjoys her off-season career as a seasonal wildland firefighter. She loves chasing waterfalls, camping, biking, hiking and of course skiing on her home mountains.

Cooper McGinnis


Growing up in Nelson, Cooper's been dreaming about Baldface since he was a kid and brings a lot of stoke (and Keefer Bar expertise!) to our team.

Destin Beneteau-Nelson

Inside Homie

Born-and-raised in Nelson, Destin won a trip to Baldface in a high school contest then he nailed the job interview! He enjoys skateboarding, biking, rock climbing, snowboarding and camping.

Rachel Langevin


Born and raised in Nelson, Rachel developed a deep love for nature. She has spent the past few years studying in Texas and is thrilled to be back in the mountains.

Bailey Christensen


Originally from Field in the Canadian Rockies, Bailey was born a mountain child. If she's not skiing, hiking, or camping, you'll find Bailey hanging with her friends planning her next adventure.

Jesse Overholt

Inside Homie

Jesse has lived in the Kootenays since fifth grade and loves to call these mountains home. A skateboarder and nature-lover at heart, Jesse enjoys camping and photography.

Heather Brown


Born and raised in Kenya and raised in England, Heather came to Canada for the snowboarding and has lived and traveled all over BC. She loves spending time on her yoga mat or in the mountains.

Jo Osadchuk

Sous Chef

Originally from Nelson, Jo has skied her whole life and loves the outdoors. Passions include painting, leather work, drawing, tennis, biking, swimming and zooming around on her little Honda Bike. 

Alex Grabowski

Garde Manger

Originally from Hamilton, Ontario, Alex moved west to sweeten up the lifestyle! His hobbies include boarding, hiking, camping, and slacklining.


Ansel Anderson

Outside Homie

A true Kootenay Kid, Ansel grew up in Nelson where he developed a deep appreciation for the mountains. He is an artist and avid mountain biker / surfer in the summer months.

Carey Austerman

Assistant Guide

Toby Grubb

General Shenanigans

Toby first arrived as a Baldface guest and is now a part of the Baldface family. A designer based in Portland, OR, Toby helps envision and implement our website and social content.

Jeff Wexall

Assistant Guide

Jessa Gilbert

Assistant Guide

Jessa is an artist / adventurer whose paintings celebrate wilderness & adventure. When off her snowboard and out of the studio she likes her coffee black, her whiskey neat, and her guitars tuned.

Eric Chabot

Head Mechanic

Jack Edgar


Hector Medina Pastor

Massage Therapist

Nancy Daigneault

Massage Therapist

Jeremy Brise

Assistant Guide

When not pursuing his full mountain guide certification, this Nelsonite can be found enjoying life with a new baby girl. Jeremy loves rock climbing, cold beers in creeks, and he just may have perfected the ...

Natalie Philips

Pastry Chef

Ryan McBride

Head Shuttle Driver

Originally from Ontario, Ryan now calls Nelson home. When not shredding on his snowboard, Ryan can be found wrenching on bikes, playing music, and hitting the open road on his motorcycle.

Senna Andison