Borders & Customs

If you are coming from the United States, there are 2 border crossings to choose from: Nelway is open from 8am to midnight and the Patterson crossing is open 24 hours/day. You will need your passport. Immigration officers inquire about your personal history, the purpose of your visit, and what you are bringing across the border. Among other things, alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs and large amounts of cash are all subject to import limitations -- excess quantities may be taxed. You are not allowed to import fresh fruits and meats, firearms, or mace. They may search your vehicle, so please pack carefully.



Within Canada 1-800-461-9999
Outside Canada 1-204-983-3500



Location: Between Metaline Falls, WA and Salmo, BC.
Hours: US and Canadian customs open 8am – midnight



Location: Between Northport, WA and Rossland, BC.
Hours: Canadian and US customs open 24 hours a day


Canadian Immigration regulations restrict anyone from entering the country who has a conviction that would be considered a criminal charge in Canada. People with DUI charges or drug convictions (anytime in recent or ancient history) have a very high probability of being denied entry into Canada. Your records in the US can be accessed by Canadian Customs & Immigration officers through co-operative agreements between the US and Canada.

For those who have a record, it is recommended you pre-determine your entry status prior to arriving at the border. Baldface Lodge is not responsible, or liable to make any refunds, for guests who are denied access at the border.

If you are inadmissible to Canada due to past criminal activity, you may be eligible for “deemed” rehabilitation at a Canadian port of entry. To be deemed rehabilitated, you must have been convicted only once and at least 10 years must have passed since you completed your sentence, or five years in the case of summary convictions. Officers at Canadian port of entry determine if an individual can be deemed rehabilitated. If you are deemed rehabilitated, you are no longer considered inadmissible to Canada and may be allowed to enter Canada. You are eligible to apply for rehabilitation if you have been convicted outside of Canada and 5 years have passed since the end of the sentence. Note: the sentence includes any probation, fines, and driving prohibitions imposed. If you are not eligible to apply for rehabilitation, the officials don’t usually consider a ski vacation grounds for strong humanitarian or compassionate consideration.

A one-time visitor application can typically be made at the Canadian border for approximately $200 CDN, taking up to 4 hours to complete. A permanent application for visitor entry can be made through the Canadian Embassies in the US for a lesser amount ($35 CDN) however, this process can take up to 16 months. Some visitors with such convictions have successfully gained entry by pre-arranging their border crossing application and carrying letters from their home police force, clergy, etc. indicating their compliance with the rules over the past five years or more.

We suggest you communicate with a Canadian Immigration office prior to your planned trip if you have past charges. Random checks into this background information do not happen to everyone, but they are common.



Canadian bank machines will accept most ATM cards and spit out colorful Canadian bills in return. If you are concerned, check with your bank about its exchange rates before leaving home. 

Once you arrive at Baldface, there is no need for cash. All expenses at the lodge will be added to your account and charged to your credit card on file. If you decide to tip, many guests prefer to tip in cash – either Canadian or US currency is fine. You may also use your credit card to tip.

After your trip to Baldface, out-of-country visitors qualify for a refund on any GST (goods and sales tax) which they paid while in Canada.